Got questions about breastfeeding? Ask the Midwife

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If you’re expecting a baby or you’re a new mum you’ve probably got loads of questions about breastfeeding, why it’s good for your baby, how to do it? or where to get support? Well we know just the person who can answer all of your questions. Joanne Maynard is one of the infant feeding leads in Medway  and she can help you with whatever you need to know. If you have questions – post them in the comments below or on Facebook and we’ll ask them to her. Maybe you’re worried about breastfeeding or don’t think its for you, or you are worried about how to get out and about if you’re feeding- she can answer all you questions and maybe help you make a decision that works for you.

She’ll be answering all your questions on Facebook on January 18th live from Medway Maritime Hospital antenatal clinic.

Please spread the word to new or expectant mums – show them that you’re #beside them and can help them get the support and advice they need.

You can also get the answers to loads of questions about breastfeeding in our free Baby Buddy App find out more here about how to get it and all the amazing resources it offers.

So, get the app – watch our films and get all the help you need with breastfeeding from #BesideYou

9 Responses to "Got questions about breastfeeding? Ask the Midwife"
  1. We’ve been exclusively breastfeeding for 5 and a half months, but in two weeks I go back to work 3 days a week. I struggle to get baby to accept a bottle, any advise on how to make this transition easier for us, and how to maintain our BF relationship around work would be greatly appreciated. It’s really worrying and upsetting me.

      • Hi Stephanie, thanks for your question. I think you should try and get to your local breastfeeding support group, where a Peer Supporter can help you with your question. Please don’t stress or worry, call your local drop-in and they can give you support. Sara

  2. That’s a great question Stephanie – we’ll get Jo to answer that for you on Wednesday – thanks for kicking us off. If you can’t watch when we’re live -the video will be posted on our Facebook page so you can see the answer at your convenience.

  3. I’m a new mum who is fortunate enough to breastfeeding my little girl. I hope to breastfeed to at least a year. There are mums out there who breastfeed beyond this. Are there many benefits to breastfeeding beyond a year?

  4. Hi jo just wanted say thank you for ur amazing suport on 13.1.17 with Lexie-mae we still do full brest but back in jondest..last night at 1 am could get milk out right brest??? But night before both brest was full and all day ….my Milk for last 5 babies normally dry up as their prem by day 7 ….how can I make sure don’t happen as she do really well want too continue and drink lots water and milk and eat lots …could be stress come back in to tc ??

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