Getting out and about

#BesideYou understands that breastfeeding out and about isn’t always easy. Some people are happy breastfeeding in public from day one. For others, it takes a little longer. When you first start breastfeeding, as when you first start any new skill, you may prefer to do it at home.
Once you and your baby are more confident and comfortable breastfeeding you may be ready to breastfeed in front of others and out and about. Most people don’t notice when mums are breastfeeding their babies as it often simply looks like they are holding them. Those who do notice are likely to react positively or not even react at all as it is normal to them.

The first few times you breastfeed in public you may feel more comfortable if you’re with a partner, your mum or dad, a friend or family member. You may also feel more comfortable breastfeeding with another breastfeeding mum who can be on hand with advice and support. Breastfeeding groups are a great place to meet friends.