peer supporters, Medway

Peer Supporters: A Medway Guide

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peer supporters, Medway
Bonnie is Pat’s fifth child. Peer supporter Chantelle has been a great help to Pat at her local breastfeeding group in Twydall

What are breastfeeding peer supporters?

Breastfeeding peer supporters are volunteer mums who are there to help other mums through their breastfeeding journey. Mums who have had positive breastfeeding experiences can help to motivate, encourage and empower other breastfeeding mums in their community. Peer supporters complete training to enable them to support mums effectively and sensitively.

In Medway there are peer supporters from the Medway Breastfeeding Network. There are also volunteer breastfeeding counsellors from  La Leche League.

How to contact your local peer supporter?

You can find Medway Breastfeeding Network peer supporters at breastfeeding groups, one-to-one sessions and drop-ins every day of the week in Medway. All of which you can find on the #BesideYou timetable.

This support is not just for mums. So if you’re a dad, partner, grandparent, friend or family member and you want to find out more please get in touch.

If you want to call local La Leche league counsellors, you can find their numbers here. Please try to call peer supporters before bedtime.


Breastfeeding groups are #BesideYou from Beside You Medway on Vimeo.

Why become a peer supporter?

There are lots of benefits of becoming a breastfeeding peer supporter. Through training, and working, supporters gain a range of personal and professional skills including:

  • Gaining work experience
  • Keeping up-to-date references
  • Improving istening and communication skills
  • Increasing breastfeeding knowledge
  • Developing support skills
  • Making new friends
  • Helping to make breastfeeding more normal in Medway

How to become a peer supporter?

Medway Breastfeeding Network peer supporters train for 2 hours a week for 11 weeks. This training covers breastfeeding knowledge, communication skills, listening skills and much more. Once trained, peer supporters can volunteer their time around their own schedules. If you want to find out more about becoming a peer supporter or when the next course will be email us  or call on  07908 817 659.

For information on becoming a La Leche League counsellor please click here.

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