Well done to our winner!

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Well done to 11 year old Katie Jezard who won our competition to design a poster for the #Besideyou campaign

This is what Katie told us about why she entered and where she got her ideas from:

I’m Katie Jezard and I’m eleven years old, just starting out on my first year at Rochester Grammar School For Girls or RGS for short.
I found out about the beside you competition from posters displayed around the school and had a few ideas that changed and developed as I started drawing it. I also got information from some of my friends, who too were interested in entering. I also found more about it from my art teacher as well.
The reasons why I wanted to do the competition was because I love anything creative and this seemed to tick that box perfectly.  Also because I like entering competitions because I like the challenge and this presented an interesting challenge. As well as this, the subject and cause it is trying to promote about breastfeeding being natural towards the new mothers and the community interested me.
I got the idea because of many reasons. My love for Art and English gave me the idea to combine the two. The words themselves were inspired by researching breastfeeding and looking at the beside you website. They were also inspired by talking about our ideas to my friends and my mother. I also got the idea of the mother caring for the baby after talking to my own mum when she told me about her experiences of breastfeeding and the difficulties she faced with it.
Well, we love it – so well done Katie!

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